I am a visually impaired mother with a guide dog and a 6-month-old son. I had to do a lot of research before buying a car seat because I use public transportation every day and cannot leave a car seat base in my car, since I don’t have a car. I needed something lightweight and portable sense I would be carrying my car seat with me while running errands. The Doona is the perfect solution. It has changed my life. I absolutely love it and it works perfect for pulling while I walk with my guide dog. I hesitated to get it because of the price but it was absolutely worth it for me. Doona has accompanied me on planes, buses, trains, boats, and, of course, in all of my friends’ and family members’ cars. I am constantly complimented on my stroller, and many people want to know where I got it. My only wish is that there was also a toddler form of this car seat. Maybe that will be a future endeavor for Doona.

Kayla R., Westlake Village, California

(Oct. 2015)

The doona car seat saved my sons life In a car crash yesterday. Thank you Doona!!

We were driving down a 30mph road and a car was turning right so we had slowed down. The driver of the car two cars behind us had taken his eyes off the road and had not seen that the cars in front of him had stopped. In result of this he crashed into the car behind us who crashed into the back of our car and forced us to crash into the car in front of us. Our car has been taken away following the substantial damage and we are awaiting to find out if we will be having the car mended or if it is repairable. I have suffered whip lash and concussion and my partner who was driving is suffering from a bad back. Jenson, our baby who was in the Doona car seat positioned behind the drivers seat has suffered marks to his legs and has had trouble sleeping since. The Dr said this could have been from muscle pain but fell he is improving each day. We would like to thank Simple Parenting as Doona definitely saved our sons life and has been the best thing we have ever purchased. Not only because of the safety aspect but also because of its simplicity and practicality that has made parenting for us a whole lot easier. I always have and always will recommend this product to new mums and it honestly the best thing a parent could have.

Catrina E., Staffordshire, UK

(Sep. 2015)

Thank you so much #doona for engineering not only an amazingly convenient car seat/stroller but also making it SUPER SAFE! My wife and 8 month old son were in a major collision yesterday and happy to report my son came away from it unscratched. I believe the Doona is what made the difference, we just ordered a new replacement. Couldn’t be happier with our purchase. THANKS AGAIN DOONA!

Vanisha & Bhavik Patel (CA, USA)-car

Vanisha & Bhavik P., CA, USA

(Nov. 2015)